June Coastal Section Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Coastal Section Board of Directors Meeting, June 2003

       Present: Chris Walz, Coastal Chair; Alina DeArmas Co Chair; Susy Walz, Treasurer; Mike Ashmore, SMSC; Ken Grey, Buena; Richard Pierson, Secretary; Omar DeArmas, Official’s Rep; Lorraine Prichard, Review; Ira Klein, SBSC; Paul Davidson, CSA; Cindy Blatt, HVA; Frank Giarmona, CSC; Brian Alderman, SLO; Steve Reardon, CLASS; Stacy Smith, CCAT; Jeff Thornton; CCAT

Chairman Chris Walz called the meeting to order at 8:07 PM.
Motion to approve minutes of March 5, 2003 Coastal Board Meeting made by Lorraine Prichard, seconded by Paul Davidson. Motion passed by voice vote, no dissenting votes.

Officer’s Reports:
Chairman –Chris Walz
No one from the coastal section attended the last LSC meeting

Co-Chair / Records: Alina DeArmas
Alina has not received back-ups from the CSC meet, Frank indicated he though they had been sent. The results may have been sent in hard form only. Frank will follow up and get Alina a copy.
Alina reminds all clubs that she needs a backup of their meets.

Age Group Stacy Smith/Steve Reardon:
Stacy complemented the clubs on getting their meets forms in early for approval.

Senior, Ira Klein
Several of the upcoming meets will be Long Course instead of Short Course, including the Q meet which will probably be held at USC. The sectional meet will have short course prelims and Long Course Finals. The location of the senior all star trip should be finalized this month, Pacific LSC was approached but wasn’t interested.

Coaches, Paul Davidson
No report

Treasurer, Susy Walz
Presented a verbal report and distributed bills to the clubs that were attending

Officials, Omar DeArmis
The Palm Springs weekend has been canceled and will be replaced by a 1-day officials clinic at El Camino College on September 28, 2003. There will be two tracks: one for deck officials and one for admins.

Review, Lorraine Prichard:
Most protests seem to be about admin and involve the use of electronic entries. Admins are reminded that they need to be sure the data is correct on the electronic entries that are submitted. Coaches are reminded that the signed hard copy that is submitted should be a final version and be the same as the electronic entries that are submitted. The printed version should also be by swimmer and not by event.
Other protests concerned recruitment of swimmers by opposing teams coaches. One protest was about an official that used inappropriate language while trying to have spectators not impede movement on deck These protests need to be documented closely.

Secretary; Richard Pierson
Discussion on whether or not to post the Coastal section minutes on the SCS web page. Motion by
Lorraine Prichard to post the minutes, followed by discussion on when to post minutes. Decided that there would be a two-week period after minutes have been distributed by email for members to submit corrections by email. If after two weeks no corrections have been received, the minutes will be considered approved by the board and posted to the SCS web site. Motion passed by voice vote, no dissenting votes.

Review of Swim Meets:
Buena March Meet -- ~3.5 hours per session good meet
CLASS Pentathlon -- Good meet
CSA April Long Course Opener -- Finished under the 4 hours per session, good meet
CSA All Western Invitational -- Good meet finished on time
CSC -- small meet, 92 swimmers came in late due to a computer problem.
NCA -- Good meet, came in slightly late due to computer problem
Puma -- good meet on time
PVST -- One session over 5 hours due to last minute changes to the meet form in changing from a heats and finals to a time finals meet. Power outage caused some of Sunday’s events to be run on Monday.
SLO April -- meet ran about 2.5 hours / session and features two SCS records being set.
SMSC meet -- Less than four hours, good meet
SBSC Coastal Champs -- Ran smooth under 4 hours per session
SBSC /CSA dual meet -- Tried to run it as a post CIF meet, went ok.

Old Business:
Polar Bear Club proposal from Ira Klein - Nothing new was reported

Proposal for Section to host 2005 Coastal Championships (Tabled until Fall)

SBBC / NCS meet change requests
The request by SBSC and NCA for meet changes from the last meeting were not brought forward to the LSC meeting since no one from Coastal attended. They will be presented at the next LSC meeting.

New Business:
Coastal Champs 2004
There was a discussion initiated by Jeff that there were not enough meets for novice and new swimmers in the summer. After May there is only one meet (Last Chance) that C swimmers can swim. A motion was made by Ira and seconded by Steve to move Coastal Champs to one week after J.O.s in 2004, CLASS will host and it will be held at Oxnard High School. C swimmers will be eligible but longer races will have B min. time standards. The exact format will be worked out later. The motion passed by voice vote with no dissenting votes.

Club Management Seminar
A Club management seminar will be held the evenings of Nov 10 and 11th in Santa Barbara. Each session is expected to last about three hours. The head coach and at least one board member from each club are expected to attend. The LSC is arranging the speaker; the section will handle the facility and any social function that would be associated with the meetings. This is in lieu of the board track at the September clinic.

Puma ABC Meet to be added
Puma has requested to add a sanctioned ABC meet on September 21st, this would follow their already scheduled relay meet the previous day. Alina made the motion to accept the meet and Lorraine seconded. The motion passed by voice vote with no dissenting votes.

Coaches of the year
As the recipients of senior and age group coaches of the year last year, Ira and Lori are asking for nominations for this year’s award. Nominations should be emailed to Ira.

Ira suggested that we get the word out to support an effort by the ASCA to have Congress pass a “Right to participate and a Right to excellence” bill as part of the on going legislations brought on by the issues with the USOC. This would give the right for club athletes to participate in high school sports (all sports not just swimming). USA swimming seems to be dragging their feet on support of the idea and Ira suggested emailing John Kenny who is our Western Zone Rep. in support of this idea.

Lifeguards on Deck / Workmen’s Comp.
Ira has recently found out some interesting items that may benefit other teams. If lifeguards are present on deck during a practice, the pool insurance takes precedence over USA swimming insurance. It is also not state law that lifeguards have to be on deck as long as members of the coaching staff have proper training and certification.
He also discovered that workmen’s comp that is charged to the teams often has the team employees incorrectly categorized as pool workers. They should be listed as teachers, which usually reduces the cost of workmen’s comp.

Adjournment / Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Coastal Section will be September 10th , 8:00pm at the Santa Barbara bath house.

Respectfully submitted,
Richard Pierson