Job announcement: JCCW Swimmer Development Coach Specialist

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Swimmer Development Coach Specialist

The Merage Jewish Community Center of Orange County in Irvine, CA is seeking a Specialist for the JCC Waves Swimming Team and Aquatics Department.

Duties involve pioneering swimmer development from swim lessons to the JCC Waves swim team.  This bridge into competitive swimming will involve skill recognition from observing tryouts/lessons and the identifying of families that will remain committed to the discipline of swimming.  Continuing to foster that talent into the 5-9yr old’s Competition group.  Developing a strong base of swimmers for years to come.

Responsibilities include:

·        Has a significant role in the developing, modifying and executing JCC Waves 9 and under age group program development.  This will have a team wide impact.

·        Has a commitment to moving the “best” candidates from lessons to team.  A systematic process that will become standard.

·        Primary coach for the Splash and assist the Fitness I group.  Create a roadmap for swimmers to move into the Champion I group.

·        Create and execute daily workouts, including setting up the pool for practices, for Splash and Fitness I.

·        Additional collaboration with other groups as needed including substitute coaching a group from time to time.

·        Provide a positive, encouraging, and challenging atmosphere in which all swimmers, regardless of ability, may improve their skills.

·        Treat all swimmers with equal care and concern, regardless of ability.

·        Attend additional practices during summer months or holidays in the am hours.

·        Create a competitive environment in which the swimmers in Splash and Fitness I groups have a large avenue to succeed.  Stroke acquisition and training utilization is a priority.

·        Input/enter, update and track swim meet entries, results, and time improvements for Splash and Fitness I through the Team Unify system.

·        Develop goal setting with the swimmers in the fall and again in the spring.

·        Maintain a positive and supportive attitude toward the other members of the coaching staff, swimmers of all ability and parents.

·        Clock in hours in the ADP system.

·        Create content for the JCC Waves using email, social media and team web site.

·        Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Social Media

·        Must be organized, possess good customer service, communication skills (parents & swimmers) and be dedicated to working for the Aquatic Community at the JCC.

Compensation includes:

·        Part Time – 16 hours per week at $18.00

·        Swim meet sessions for 12 & unders up to 4 meet sessions per month.

·        As needed swim meet sessions during championship meets or as substitute for another coach. 

·        Continuing education, including ASCA, NFHS, ISCA, etc. classes, paid for. (Membership to associations not included)

·        Occasional professional clinics admission paid for. Travel cost not included unless budgeted from the prior year.

·        2 weeks paid vacation.

Reports to Supervisor:  Chris Duncan, Director of Aquatics & Head Coach JCC Waves

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JCCW Swimmer Development Coach Specialist