Friday, December 29, 2017

Orange Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 @ 7:30 PM Woollett Aquatics Center, Irvine


Call to Order—7:31 p.m. by David Prodanovich, Chair


Motion to approve October 2017 meeting minutes passed.


Present: David Prodanovich (Chair), Devon Ames (Vice-Chair), Kim Hoesterey (Program Chair), Steve Quan (Secretary/Treasurer), Richard Davis (Officials), Sarah Dawson (Age Group Rep), Bill Voigt (Coach Rep), Ken LaMont (Senior Rep), Alex Nieto (Open Water), Desi Turcios (ORCA), Teresa Wilson (FAST), Goran Westerlund (SCA), Tim Teeter (SET), Alex Materov (Riptides), Ken Dory (CMAC), Tracy Maurer (GWSC), Patti Haney (Seal), and Annette Nielsen (EAST). 


Board Member(s) Absent: Jose De La Jara (Diversity Chair) and Owen Morrison (Athlete Rep).


Treasurer’s Report (Steve Quan): Balance as of 11/30/2017 23,514.02


Age Group Report (Sarah Dawson): No report.


Coaches Report (Bill Voigt):  For 2018-2020 planning, the LSC has mandated Geographic Committee Senior meets on Martin Luther King Weekend. In addition, please bring any ideas regarding how we might improve our programming (revamping our meet schedule, etc.) to me or to Todd Conrad.


Coach of the Year ... Senior: Jim Johnson of Brea Aquatics. No Age Group Coach of the Year was selected.  I would like anyone's feedback on the selection process. As Orange Committee Coach Rep, I was not informed of either a nominating or selection process.  In theory, all coaches should vote on these awards, and have a hand in naming coaches to a ballot. It is unclear how this was followed this year. The SCS Age Group Chair is requesting suggestion for criteria in selecting an Age Group Coach of the Year.


The Admins are dealing with great difficulties with the current registrations. Each team

should check their rosters with what is currently on record with SCS/USA Swimming,

verify and correct any anomalies.


Senior Representative (Ken LaMont): No report.


Official’s Chair (Richard Davis): No Report. 


Open Water Chair (Alex Nieto): No report.


Diversity Chair (Jose De La Jara): Carried by SCS Diversity Chair Sarah Dawson.  The entries for Western Zone All Star team for the meet the meet in Washington D.C are due in December 2017.    


Athlete Rep (Owen Morrison): No report. 


Program Chair (Kim Hoesterey): Next meeting set for Tuesday January 23, 2018 at 7:30 pm.  The Ad-Hoc Program meeting begins at 7:00pm. March 3-4, 2018 FAST/SCAT BR LC meets, March 24-25, 2018 EAST/ORCA RW SC meets, and April 15-15, 2018 FAST Blue LC meet will be discussed.


Old Business: None.


New Business: None.


All teams are reminded to convey your absence from attending a meet to host teams at a minimum of 90 days in advance. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Steven R. Quan Secretary/Treasurer