Please write to support the Belmont Plaza pool project!

Friday, May 12, 2017
SCS help is needed!

Please contact the Long Beach City Council, to ask that they deny the appeals to the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Belmont Plaza project on Tuesday, May 16. 
The certification of the 600+ pages of the EIR is crucial to continuing the project moving forward. Once certified, the next step is to request approval of the entire project from the California Coastal Commission. If the appeals are upheld, the EIR will be sent back to city staff to make amendments and start the public noticing all over again.

Upholding the appeals will delay the project for several more months at the very least.
We believe we have a majority of the votes of the nine Council members, but your emails will be very important in showing the Council that this project is crucial to swimming at all levels. 

The emails should be addressed to:

Members of the Long Beach City Council,
c/o Mark Hungerford ( 

The body of each email sent should include the phrase "Deny the appeals to the EIR for the Belmont Plaza pool project," and should also contain these hashtags: #aquaticsLB and#LBwaterfun. 

Thank you for supporting these efforts!