Other Forms:

Form Description Date
2017-18 Sanction Application Request Updated 8/28/17, this is a fill-able form for 2017-2018 Sanction Applications, and includes: requirement of Meet Director to be USA Swimming non-athlete member and inclusion of key meet officials with sanction request. Form requires geographic committee approval for committee level age group meets 8/28/2017
2018 CIF HS League Champ Observation App. 2018 CIF HS League Championship Meet Observation forms are due in the SCS office by 5pm, Tuesday, April 17, 2018. 2/15/2018
2019 Club Registration fillable form Club Registration form for 2019---new clubs must also complete all the additional paperwork and education requirements. 8/15/2018
2019 FLEX Membership fillable form FLEX is a new membership category for 2019. Athletes who are 18 & under may have this $20 year 'round membership, but may only compete in 2 meets in the 9/1/18--12/31/19 registration year. 8/15/2018
2019 Non-Athlete Registration fillable form Non-athlete registration is $68 with a check and $70 with a credit card online. Membership is valid 9/1/18--12/31/19. 8/15/2018
2019 Organization Registration fillable form An organization (not a swim club) wishing to be affiliated with SCS can join with this form and $150 fee. 8/15/2018
2019 Outreach Membership fillable form Outreach membership is available for athletes on the federal free/reduced school lunch program. Membership is valid 9/1/18--12/31/2019. 8/15/2018
2019 Year 'Round Athlete Registration fillable form The year 'round athlete membership is $68, and membership is valid 9/1/18--12/31/19. 8/15/2018
Age Group Meet Template updated 6.26.18 Sample meet form including required statements updated 6.26.18, including concussion training requirement for coaches and officials. For use by all SCS Geographic Committees. 6/27/2018
Change Club/Transfer This form is used to change teams within Southern California Swimming. The completed form, along with the required fee may be submitted to an Administrative Referee at a meet or mailed to the Southern California Swimming office. UPDATED 8/2/2017 - USE ONLY UPDATED FORM 2/2/2018
CIF Unattach This form is to be used for unattaching during the CIF swimming season. Form is to be submitted to the Southern California Swimming office. It is the swimmer's responsibility to enter SCS meets "unattached" during the CIF season. 12/20/2017
Emergency Action Plan Form for Meet Hosts to complete PRIOR to meet for use during the meet in case of emergency. 4/11/2011
Individual Meet Entry Individual Meet Entry Form. 10/6/2013
Observed meet Application This form is to be used to apply for "observed" meet status in Southern California Swimming. "Observed" meets are swum under different technical rules (ie: NCAA or YMCA). 11/3/2017
Protest This form may be used to protest rule infractions, incorrect procedures, or the inappropriate actions of individuals within Southern California Swimming. This form should be submitted to the Administrative Referee at a meet or to the Southern California Swimming office. 10/3/2010
Reimbursement request form Requests for reimbursement must have this form and receipts submitted within 60 days of the expense. 8/9/2017
Swim under protest This form is to be used to enter a meet if the legal entry has not been received. Please be advised that entering a meet under protest is subject to severe penalties if proof of a legal entry is not provided within 30 days. This form is to be completed at the meet where entry is disputed and submitted to the Administrative referee. 9/1/2011