Coach Certification requirements upd. resource page 10/22/19

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Below is the updated list (9.6.19) of certifications and education required to be a coach in Southern California Swimming/USA Swimming.

Resources on the USA Swimming website:

Certifications must be kept current for the coach membership to be valid.

1.  Current year Non-Athlete membership
  • Coaches can register online, with a credit card, by clicking on the Forms tab (upper right of this page), then clicking on the link to "Non-Athlete Registration" between the Forms and Other Forms headers.
2.  Background Check 3.  Athlete Protection Training 4.  CPR
5.  Safety Training for Swim Coaches--online content only

6.  Safety Training for Swim Coaches---in water skills

***CPR and STSC certs must be scanned/sent to the SCS office: ***

7.  Coach Education Requirements 8.  Concussion Protocol Training (either course is accepted, coach does not need both)

*** Certification of Completion must be scanned/sent to the SCS office:***

9.  Coach's Advantage Tutorial (Doping Control info from the US Anti-Doping Agency, USADA)


    Here's where to find more details, approved list of courses for CPR, STSC, etc:

    Coaches can use the Deck Pass app to show proof of current membership and check when their credentials will be expiring.   Coaches are also encouraged to add a photo of yourself on the Deck Pass profile.

    Clubs can track their coaches' membership requirements through the Club Portal on (must log in and have the Club Portal Password, available from the SCS Office:   310-684-1151).