Section Minutes for June 2001

Wednesday, June 13, 2001
       Southern California Swimming
Coastal Section
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Present: Sharon Matthews-CCM, Fred Matthews-CCM, Louise Butler-SLO, Kristyn Hadam-PUMA, Mike Ashmore-SMSC, Kristin Firestone-PVST, Frank Giarmona-CSC, Paul Davidson-CSA, Chris Walz-Coastal Chair, Ken Grey-BUENA, Lorraine Prichard-Review, M J Swalley-SCS, Joe Goeken-SLO, Ira Klein-SBSC.

Chairman Chris Walz called the meeting to order at 8:00pm. Approval of May 9, 2001 minutes.

Meet forms are due 60 days prior to meet with the sanction form. Motion approved for Gary to be reimbursed to mail All Star Pins to swimmers. Motion approved for Sharon Matthews to be Coastal Section Secretary. Although the All Star Meet was cancelled our thanks go out to Stacy and Gary for their hours of preparation.

Not Present

Coach Rep:
Consideration of changing the AA Meet scheduled December 20th in the year 2002 to December 6-8. Tentative date of June 30th for coaches to get together and discuss upcoming bids for meets. Mary Jo Swalley has offered her home for the meeting. Altitude training camp attended by SMSC and SBSC was fun and productive. Mike Ashmore put on a presentation on Biomechanics and Nutrition. Ira Klein reviewed the films with the swimmers.

Senior Rep:
Mary Jo Swalley, Ira Klein and Tina Martin are the three representatives that will be attending the Convention this year in Dearborn, Michigan. There is talk of teaching or practicing racing starts in 5 feet of water with a separate warm up and warm down pool. California’s minimum for the pool is 3 ½ feet. This would cause a lot of problems for the pools in our Coastal Section. There have been 89 accidents reported and never at a meet in 5ft or less.

Age Group:
Not Present

Co-Age Group:
The meets in our section are overfilling. The fine for going over the timeline is $50 for the first 15 minutes, $100 for the next 15 minutes and $200 for the third 15 minutes. Discussion of several teams to be fined for going over the timeline.
The Pentathlon was split to accommodate the multitude of swimmers. Consideration of helping younger swimmers pick another meet available to them the same weekend or next instead of entering them in events in long course meets. For example instead of entering June Bug allow the kids to go to CCM or CSC which are designed around the younger swimmer.
Sometimes a coach will send in a disc and send the meet over the timeline. Discussion if coaches submit a disc of entries prior to the meet should they have a different entry deadline date? Last year we had 18,000 swimmers and we are up 1,200 this year.
There is a possibility of June Bug becoming the next Coastal Section AB Champs meet. The Fall Clinic scheduled for September 28-30th in Indian Wells this year will be offering a session hosted by Hy-Tec on Meet Manager and Team Manager. Tom Taylor and Steve Merseli will be discussing Aqua Pacers.
The Olympic section has agreed to pay for pins for the All Star swimmers in attendance.

Sharon Matthews has agreed to be Secretary for the Coastal Section.

Treasurer’s report: (carried by Chris Walz)
Report handed out. All proceeds from Coastal AB Champs meet scheduled for July 21-22, 2001 will go to the Coastal Section. Mary Jo Swalley needs quarterly’s.

No meeting this month.

Officials Chair:
SCS Officials Information Form to be sent in 7-15 days prior to meet (Names of Meet Referee, Starter, Admin Ref, Marshals, Meet Director and Clerk of Course). Send to Louise Butler Officials Chair. How to become an official? Attend the Fall Clinic, take test, and work meets in training. Louise Butler has the forms needed to start the process.

Review of Meets:
At the last meet held by Carpenteria Swim Club on May 19, 2001 there were not enough deck officials. Deadline of Sunday June 17th given to Carpenteria coach for lining up officials for his next meet to be held on August 11, 2001. Projection of Coastal AB champs running 2 days could be 440 swimmers. Meet hosted by Buena April 21st had 223 swimmers.

Old Business:
Timing pads from CSA to be used for AB Champs?

New Business:
Coaches to get adhesive meet schedule together for bids at the next meeting scheduled for July 11, 2001.

Adjournment 10:15pm. Next Meeting July 11, 2001 at the Bath House.