Section Minutes for July 2001

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Minutes to be approved at Sept 12, 2001 meeting

       Southern California Swimming
Coastal Section
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Present: Sharon Matthews-CCM, Kristyn Hadam-PUMA, Mike Ashmore-SMSC, Frank Giarmona-CSC, Paul Davidson-CSA, Chris Walz-Coastal Chair, Ken Grey-BUENA, Lorraine Prichard-Review, Joe Goeken-SLO, Ira Klein-SBSC., Jaime Riley-Akers-Puma, Andy Starkie-SCAW, Garry Watanabe-CSA, Stacy Smith-CCAT.

Chairman Chris Walz called the meeting to order at 8:09pm. Approval of June 13, 2001 minutes at 8:19pm.

Consideration of including disability champiionships for funding was tabled.

Not Present

Coach Rep:
Cypress will be obtaining an additional pool for warm up but no shuttle provided. In the future a suggestion has been made that the Janet Evans Invitational and AB Champs do not run at the same time. Talk of the possibility of introducing a new warm up protocol at the beginning of the meets. Perhaps the Host team and the larger teams offer to swim before the warm-up session which would allow less confusion during the scheduled warm-up before the meet. The host team could also assign lanes to each team or the have the smaller teams buddy up.

2002 Bids for Age Group Meets scheduled as follows:
March 13-17, 14 & U Junior Olympics @ GWSC
June 20-23, AA LC @ Irvine & AZOT
Aug 7-11, Summer AA JO’s @ SMSC & AZOT
Dec 6-8, Winter AA Age Group Champs @ SBSC & Sandpipers

2002 Bids for Senior Meets scheduled as follows:
Jan 18-21, Senior Q @ CSA
Feb 16-18, Senior Development Meet @ IHAC
Feb 28-March 3, Spring SW Conference @ Sandpiper
Aug 1-4, Summer SW Conference @ Fullerton
Nov 9-10, Senior Development Meet @ Fullerton
Dec 12-15, Winter Invitational @ Industry Hills

Senior Rep:
Discussion by Gary that the June Bug meet might become a championship meet. Ideas thrown around of having 5 swimmers of each sex represent to team. Perhaps 1 relay team for each club. This meet will exclude out of section swimmers. Ira will agree to the above as long as the entire section is in full support of the meet so that the attendance is high.

Age Group:
Bid Calendars carried by Stacy Smith.

Co-Age Group:
Bid calendars handed out. Steve Reardon needs team bids one week prior to next Coastal Section Meeting scheduled for September 11, 2001. Discussion of upcoming Coastal AB Champs meet; per Sharon 272 swimmers have sent in entries. Sharon to provide Stacy with a list of staff in the Admin area. Other staff and helpers to be supplied by other teams in attendance.

Request made for e-mail addresses of those in attendance at the meeting.

Treasurer’s report: (carried by Chris Walz)
Report handed out.

Meeting scheduled for July 12, 2001.

Officials Chair:
Not Present

Review of Meets:
SBBC meet 566 swimmers, kept within the timeline. SLO Firecracker did flyover starts 461 swimmers. Meet format was new with mixed feelings among the coaches.

Old Business:
Coaches met up in San Luis Obispo on June 18th to come up with a bid schedule of meets that will be cohesive, which will allow each meet to have the full support of attendance within the Coastal Section. The schedule was given to Stacy Smith to place on the bid calendar for the next meeting.
Discussion of Carpenteria holding their meet on August 11, 2001, Coach Frank states has all the officials & will proceed if the board approves. Vote 12-yes, 2 opposed. Coastal A Max meet hosted by CSC will proceed on August 11, 2001 as stated in the 2001 Swim Guide.

New Business:
Per Steve Reardon please send bids to no later that a week prior to the September meeting scheduled for September 12, 2001. Any conflicts in scheduling will be discussed at that time. Paul Davidson and Jaime Riley-Akers to check into the availability of timing pads for the Coastal AB Champs meet to be held on July 21-22, 2001.

Adjournment 10:00pm. Next Meeting September 12, 2001 at the Bath House.