October Coastal Section Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Southern California Swimming Coastal Section Board of Directors Meeting Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Present: Chris Walz, Coastal Chair; Alina deArmas Co-Chair; Susy Walz, Treasurer; Mike Ashmore, SMSC; Ken Grey, Buena; Richard Pierson, Secretary; Omar deArmas, Official’s Rep; Lorraine Prichard, Review; Ira Klein, SBSC; Paul Davidson, CSA; Cindy Blatt, HVA; Sheryl Maniss HVA; Brian Alderman, SLO; Stacy Smith, CCAT; Matt Brown NCA

Chairman Chris Walz called the meeting to order at 8:06 PM.

Motion to approve minutes of June 11, 2003 Coastal Board Meeting made by Lorraine Prichard, seconded by Alina deArmas. Motion passed by voice vote, no dissenting votes.

Officer’s Reports:
Chairman –Chris Walz
Several Coastal section board members attended the USA swimming convention in San Diego

Co-Chair / Records: Alina deArmas
Coastal Section calendar for 2004 is confirmed and will be submitted for inclusion to the 2004 swim guide.

Age Group Stacy Smith
No report. She did mention that meet sanctioning was going well.

Senior, Ira Klein
Senior Meets:
Senior development meet will be long course Timed Finals.
Winter sectionals at Commerce will be short course.
Q meet will be long course.
Sectionals at Mission will be short course prelims and long course finals.
Zones will start to run the sectional meets. Next year will be the last year for summer sectionals in our area; it is felt that we have enough meets for this level of swimmer.
Reimbursement for Summer Nationals at Stanford had not been set yet but requirements may be lower.
The SCS by-laws require that the section alignment be examined every two years. This year it is being recommended that the section alignment change. This will have minimal effect on the coastal section with the addition of Canyons Aquatics being the only change. Orange and Olympic section will be divided, adding an additional two sections to the LSC.
The LSC House of Delegates will meet in November to have final approval on the LSC actions of the entire year. The realignment is sure to be a topic; all clubs should plan on being represented and exercise their right to vote.

Coaches, Paul Davidson
No report

Treasurer, Susy Walz
Susy read a letter from the LSC CPA reminding us of what section funds can be used for.

The section has a sizable age group fund. Proposals on what to use this for were discussed and ranged from reducing or redistributing fees back to section clubs, to funding a travel trip for section swimmers to an out of state venue for an “All Star Meet”. Proposals should be sent to Susy Walz, who will then forward to the section and a vote will be taken at the January Coastal board meeting.

Officials, Omar deArmas
Ed Ruth will be the meet referee for the Nationals at Stanford University in Palo Alto

Omar, having been a delegate to the USA convention in San Diego, reviewed some of the issues that had been discussed at the convention.

Topics of the official’s clinic were reviewed and discussed.Officials will switch from using 49 mhz radios to FRS band radios as of January 1st. The LSC will publish a list of suggested brands.

Review, Lorraine Prichard:
There are some issues that are being examined about relays at J.O.s. For teams with multiple relays, all relays should make the time standard. If teams have less than 1 relay making the time standard they are allowed a free relay which is not required to make the time standard.

Secretary; Richard Pierson
The last Coastal section minutes were posted after being emailed to the section for review. There were no complaints about using this system, so it will continue.

Review of Swim Meets:
The Coastal Section meets that were held since the last board meeting (June 11) were reviewed with no major issues reported. All came within or very close to the 4-hour rule.

Old Business:
Club Management Seminar
A Club management seminar will be held the evenings of Nov 10 and 11th in Santa Barbara. Each session is expected to last about three hours. The head coach and at least one board member from each club are expected to attend (others are welcome). Please RSVP with the number of attendees from your club to Alina deArmas. Additional information will be emailed to the clubs shortly.

2004 Coastal Section Calendar
The 2004 Coastal section calendar has been finalized and sent to MaryJo Swalley for inclusion in the 04 swim guide.

New Business:
Coach of the year
The Coastal section Coaches of the year were announced and the section would like to congratulate Paul Davidson of Conejo Simi Aquatics (CSA) and Brian Alderman of the SLO Sea Hawks. Brian was named Age Group coach of the year and Paul received the honor for senior swimmers.

Swim Festival Swim Coaches
CSA coach Jay Anderson was selected as head coach from the Coastal Section for the Swim festival Team. Coaches from SLO, SMSC, and SBSC will join him.

USA-S Seasonal Memberships
USA swimming has changed it policy on seasonal membership. It is now 150 days from the date USA swimming is joined instead of based on a calendar date. SCS may maintain the policy of making seasonal swimmers memberships based on calendar dates. This was passed at convention. Effective Date is May 2004. *

4’ Water Depth
In pools with water depth of less than 4’, there will be no diving allowed. This includes deck starts and relay exchanges. All starts or relay exchanges must be from in the water! This was passed at convention. Effective Date is May 2004.

Adjournment / Next Meeting
Meeting was adjourned at 9:58pm
The next meeting of the Coastal Section will be November 11 at 7:00pm and will be held in conjunction with the business meetings.

Respectfully submitted,
Richard Pierson

* (Comment from MJS) This is an LSC option in addition to the set seasonal option (even offering a seasonal program is an LSC option) which I doubt will generate a landslide of interest, but an option (if someone sees it as a positive recruiting/retention tool, go for it) which will be effective for the 2005 registration year IF an LSC chooses to try it.