SCS 3-Step Return to Practice Guidelines

Friday, May 22, 2020
To all clubs, 5.22.2020:

Greetings, SCS Coaches and Club Contacts!
As opportunities begin to present themselves during this COVID-19 Emergency Crisis to be able to re-open swimming facilities and approach the process of living with the Coronavirus until there is a vaccine, Southern California Swimming’s Board of Directors has, in a collaborative effort, approved a set of guidelines to help our Teams/Clubs through the process. Attached is a document that serves to help all Teams/Clubs.
To begin the process, first and foremost, Southern California Swimming is unconditionally aligned with USA Swimming as stated by them accordingly:
All steps taken by Teams/Clubs within this progressive strategy require comprehensive compliance with local, state, and federal public health agencies, policies, procedures and guidelines.
USA Swimming Re-Opening Messaging and Planning document is here:
Southern California Swimming 3-Step Return to Practice Guidelines document is attached below, and under the FORMS tab:
The following guidelines of the SCS Board of Directors suggest that each Team/Club should:
Plan & Prepare – Comply & Confirm – Proactively Practice
For many reasons lead by the health, safety and welfare of all of our Stakeholders a “Comprehensive Compliance” should measure all planning and actions taken as Teams/Clubs are offered the opportunity to “Return To Practice”.
We are going to get through this together.
SCS 3 Step RTP Guidelines