Petition to Open Pools in CA

Sunday, May 24, 2020

To:       SCS Teams/Clubs
From:  Terry Stoddard, General Chair, SCS
Re:       Statewide Petition to Reopen Pools for Lap Swimming
I have been working with the five General Chairs in California and we have created a Task Force representing all five California LSCs.
  • Three Saturdays ago we submitted through a state provided portal, created by Governor Newsom’s COVID-19 Task Force, a letter signed by all five LSC General Chairs asking to move the Re-opening of swimming pools for exercise and Lap Swimming into Phase II.  This letter is attached.
  • We have spent the last two weeks making the attempt to send this same letter to Government Leadership in all 58 Counties in California and appropriately in Nevada.
The primary objective has been to Re-open Swimming Pools in the State of California in Stage 2 or what is now being coined, “Stage 2.5”.  The hope is as soon as possible or on June 1st when the current Stay At Home order was once scheduled to expire.
It appears that approaching the Public Health Agencies the same way is the next step.
It also appears that the next step is petitions and letter writing.
One of the Statewide efforts is to involve the Families and where they feel appropriate the Athletes.  Currently we feel that the Athletes could, with parental guidance and approval where appropriate, participate in voicing a family’s opinion.
The purpose of this email is
  • to let you know that a swimmer in Pacific Swimming (specifically Contra Costa county) agreed to start a state-wide petition to Governor Newsom and the key State Public Health Officials asking that pools be Re-opened for lap swimming.
I wanted to let you know about this so that you could make it available to your teams / families to sign it if they are interested.
What has become clear is that government officials are waiting on the State Public Health Department to say that it is safe for public pools to Re-open.  They are constantly studying CDC Recommendations, Local Metrics, Public Health Agency Measures and “Regional Variance” to guide them through their choices.  It is our global opinion that this petition and letter writing seems helpful.
It would be very helpful if you would acquire the contact information for each of your County and Local Public Health Agencies and share them with SCS vs. wait for us to provide them for you.  Many hands make the work light!
I do caution any team that is set up as a Nonprofit Organization (NPO):
  • an NPO CAN legally provide the information about an on-line petition as information,
  • an NPO CANNOT legally ask or require that their members sign such a petition.
If anyone has any question about this statement, please feel free to reach out to me, my contact information is below. 
We wanted to reach out to our Teams/Clubs first and then the next step will be to make this available on the SCS website.  
We Are Better Together,
Terry W. Stoddard, General Chair
Southern California Swimming
We Are Proud of Our Traditions!
The pools in California should open for lap swimming by the beginning of June. Organized swimming is an integral part of our state, and swimming in general provides physical and mental health benefits that are critical for many of our members, especially during the summer.
Letter to Governor Newsom