Desert Committee April 13

Monday, June 1, 2009

Desert Committee Meeting

April 13, 2009

Open Meeting: 8:10 pm

Present : Mike Polk, Bill Carroll,  Chris Barber, Cheryl Pearson, Samantha Pearson, Luke Pankurst ,

M/S/A January Minutes- change meet on January minutes to Oct 31- Nov 1

SCS Report- n/a

Senior Rep-  Bill       no report

Age Group-  Chris   no report 

Officials –Darryl        no report

Athlete Report –Samantha

·          Mike to send single age top 10’s to Sam 

·          Picnic date  Saturday, May 30, 12-3   location TBD    free for all attending        pizza, cake, donations from Costco

·          Teams to bring canopies

·          Cheryl to check on YMCA

Unfinished Business- none

New Business

v  Certification for starts- from USA insurance company 

Every swimmer on every team must be certified for starts.  Each team to keep on file.  Necessary for insurance coverage. 

v  Check with Mary Jo on Multi LSC meet for high performance suits.

v  Chris concerned for safety of NACC.  Mary Jo stated Vera Cruz is a safe city. Eli applied.  

v  Discussion to look for new member of board.  Ron Aitken resigned.  Suggestion made.  Someone who understands the sport, long term view, able to attend SCS meetings in Southern California once a month.   Travel reimbursement available thru Desert Committee. .

v  Kathy and Karen will be invited to next meeting.


Next meeting June 8, 2009 @ Meadow YMCA, 8pm   

Meeting Closed: 9:10pm

Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Pearson