Desert Committee June meeting--Corrected

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Desert Committee Meeting

June 9, 2009

Open Meeting: 8:05 pm

Present : Mike Polk, Bill Carroll,  Chris Barber, Cheryl Pearson, Samantha Pearson, Darryl Molisee, Bob Hommel

M/S/A April Minutes-

SCS Report- (Mike) Sectionals moved from March to December 18-22, 2009

·          As of Sept 1, 2009, sanctions will only be for certified pool

o    All pools with movable  bulkheads must be certified yearly

·          USA registrations must be in Santa Barbara office the Monday prior to meet

·          NACC moved to La Mirada

·          Suits changing daily, check with FINA list for approved suits

Senior Rep-   Bill       no report

Age Group-   Chris   NACC – Athlete to be considered for NACC, must fill out application.  Selection based on June times.  Swimmer and Coach must sign application.  No Vegas coach was selected. 

Officials –Darryl        officials need to be aware of where located on deck if their child is swimming.  Do not officiate own child.

·          Always looking for more volunteers. 

Athlete Report –Samantha

·          Bag tags were HUGE success- parents and swimmers alike

·          Good turnout- outside pretty hot- maybe host in April next year

o    BCH booster club offered to help out next year

·          Nice to see swimmers appreciate banquet by appropriately dressing

·          Next banquet- swimmer and parent free, siblings and others should pay

·          Idea to have upcoming Seniors write  paragraph on how they can contribute- Sam will write letter to send to coaches to distribute to all 2009-2010 athletes

·          Desert Committee should give to 1 or 2  scholarships $250/$500 each as a way to give back

o    Criteria set by independent judges

Unfinished Business

·         M/S/A      Motion for Bob Hommel to serve as SCS representative/Vice Chair

New Business

·         After much discussion, format for meets will remain the same as last year


Next meeting  September 14 2009 @ Meadow YMCA, 8pm          

Meeting Closed: 9:35pm

Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Pearson