Desert Committee September Meeting --Corrected

Sunday, September 20, 2009

 Desert Committee Meeting

September 15, 2009

Open Meeting: 8:02 pm

Present : Mike Polk, Bill Carroll,  Chris Barber, Cheryl Pearson, Bob Hommel, Luke Pankhurst

·          Motion(Mike) to approve June Minutes with correction to new business     M/S/A  

SCS Report- Bob Hommel   to attend SCS meeting next week

Senior Rep-   Bill Carroll              NR 

Age Group- Chris Barber

·          Reminder for coaches to check the team file when entering 10 & under in 500 free    

Officials -   Darryl Molisee           NR   

Athlete Report –   position not filled

Unfinished Business         discussion for long term plan for Nevada State Meet

·          Agreed that 2011-2014 state meet should be held Presidents weekend.

1.        Propose change current events allowed from 7 events for meet to 6 events for meet

2.        Propose elimination of the 1000 yard distance event

3.        Propose Set time standards for 4 years/time standard adjustment

4.        Propose Lock in date for 4 years

5.        Propose 8 & under included for team scoring

·          Discussion for 2010 BDCU meet


New Business

Waiting for SCS approval for date change for Pumpkin Meet

·          Motion to limit Memorial Day meet to 3 events per day for 13 & overs and 4 events per day for 12 & unders   M/S/A

If no one can run a last chance meet, BCH will run a one day last chance meet for those trying to qualify for state on Nov. 21 if the pool is available.


Reminder to all desert committee teams- Pumpkin Meet will have relays. (All teams agreed to participate) 


Next meeting   January 14 2010 @ Meadow YMCA, 8pm                

Meeting Closed: 9:57pm

Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Pearson