Western Zone Diversity & Inclusion Summit applications--due 3/20

Friday, March 9, 2018

Purpose: Instill a vision of success and inspire athletes from under-represented populations to become leaders in the sport of swimming.

Goals: To empower athletes from ethnically under represented populations, those economically disadvantaged, and LGTBQ and their coaches and other adult summit participants to:

1. Demonstrate the viability of inclusiveness in swimming within their local LSC

2. Achieve performance excellence at every level of the sport

3. Expound the benefits and value of participating in the sport of swimming

4. Be positive leaders and role models that others from socioeconomic backgrounds can emulate

5. To connect, network and promote the virtues of the sport of swimming through a comprehensive strategy involving the athletes, coaches, other adults and LSC Diversity Chairs in their own local LSC’s and throughout the Western Zone.

Site: San Diego State University, San Diego California

Dates: June 14 - June 17, 2018. Participants will arrive Thursday midday approximately between 11:00am-1:00pm and depart Sunday morning.

Number of Attendees: 2 athletes from each LSC in the Western Zone

(Each LSC may also submit up to 4 athlete alternates)

1 coach from each LSC

1 Diversity Chair from each LSC 

If, after the deadline, there are openings available for additional swimmers, the alternates submitted by each LSC will be considered to attend the camp. LSCs will be notified by May 1 if their alternates have been accepted. Payment for alternates attending the camp must be received by May 15. 

Applications are due to SCS Diversity & Inclusion Chair, Sarah Dawson, as listed on the application.

2018 WZ D&I Athlete application