October 2002 Olympic Section Minutes

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

2002 October Olympic Section Minutes Meeting of Tuesday, October 8, 2002 @ 8 p.m. AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room

       Attending were: Ruth Garrison (Sec/SFSA), George Young (Chair/SGSG), Kipp Sandvig (Vchair/ASC), Tom Mirabella (Tres/BAC), Chuck Warren, Dan Kaelon (SGVA), Ellen Whalen (DWNY), Mark Johnson (CERR), Michael Schicora (BAC), Mike McMinn (IHAC), Patrick Moran (EDGE), Bettie Williams (Rev/SPPY), Troy Williams (Off chair), Justin Davis (Coach Rep/ROSE), Mackenzie Hurlston (Ath Rep/PASA), Jeff Conwell (CANY), Sheri Stoddard (PASA), Don Garman (IHAC), Adam Blakis (PALY), Carol Pena (BST), Oliver Pena (Prog Jr/BST), Rafe Montes (LKWD), Erik Matherson (TSM), Gyongyver Sovago (SMT).
Meeting called to order @ 8:10 p.m.
Approval of minutes: Ruth Garrison, Secretary: Present. September minutes was approved and passed.
Report of Olympic Section Officers:
Chairperson: George Young: Present. Club information in 2003 swim guide: Reminder to turn in your
Club information for the guide book. Olympic Festival Staff: One head coach and three assistants:
Comments were This will take a lot of time and commitment. Please go to the meetings and do what
needs to be done. Our Staff will be Head Coach: Mike Schicora (BAC), Assistant Coaches: Justin Davis
(ROSE), Jeff Conwell (CANY), Ernesto Jimenez (COMM). Time-line, dates/schedule for Section: In
process of setting up a Calendar for Olympic Section Officers of when things need to be done.
SCS Clinic: This was a very informative Clinic See Old Business for report on clinic. Swim Guide Ad:
Motion made to place an ad in the 2003 Swim Guide like we did last year. Motion Passed.
Coach of the Year: Our Coach of the year Mike Schicora is the only one in our LSC mention in ACSA.
Vice Chairperson: Kipp Sandvig: Present. Election of 2003 Olympic Section Officers: Motion to
accept the Slate of Officers. Motion Passed. Here are your 2003 Olympic Section Officiers: Chairman:
George Young, Vice Chairman: Kipp Sandvig, Senior Representative: Rick Shipherd, Age Group
Representative: Jeff Conwell, Secretary: Ruth Garrison, Treasurer: Tom Mirabella, Registration: Ellen
Whalen, Program Senior: Oliver Pena, Program Junior: Michael Schicora, Review: Bettie Williams,
Athletic Representative: Mackenzie Hurlston, Coaches Representative: Justin Davis, Official
Representative: Troy Williams. Our Official Representative was chosen in The July meeting. The
Athletic Representative was chosen by the Athletics of section and results were announced at the
September meeting. At the end of this meeting the Coaches vote for their representative. See the above
Treasurer: Tom Mirabella: Present. Balance ending October 3, 2002 is $16,520.26. Treasurer
report was approved and passed.
Coaches Representative: Justin Davis: Present. All Star Update and Budget: The All Star Team
Coaches are: 10 & Under Girls Ernie Jimenez (COMM), 10 & under Boys Jeff Conwell (CANY), 11-12
Girls Mike Schicora (BAC), 11-12 Boys Federic Ricketts (STSC), 13-14 Girls George Young (SGSG),
13-14 Boys ??, 15-18 Girls Steve Everwist (BEST), 15-18 Boys Kameron Kennedy (HOLY). 500 free for
10 & under Bonus event. Motion to take our the 500 free for 10 & under out of the meet. Motion passed.
Motion for section to pay 75% of treasurer balance on away All Star Trips the remainder 25% to be paid
by swimmers. Motion passed. Swimmer will travel by bus, leaving Rosebowl, Friday @ 11:30 go up to
Roseville stay at Best Western, Swim the Meet Saturday @ Folsom Pool, It is a two session meet.
Saturday evening they will go to a movie. Spend the night at the hotel and return to Rosebowl on Sunday.
Swimmers will receive a t-shirt, 2 caps, and a goodie bag. There will be two chaperons going up. Sheri
Stoddard volunteered to be a Chaperon. Jeff said he will announce the chaperons at the next section
meeting. The information for All Stars will go on SCS web site.
Age Group Representative: Jeff Conwell: Present. No report.
Athlete Representative: Mackenzie Hurlston: Present. No report.
Program Chair, Senior: John Dauser: Not Present No report.
Program Chair, Junior: Oliver Pena: Present. Second Round:
Season III April to August 2003
April 12-13 ABC LC Dual Site Quads Quads II & III IHAC
May 17-18 AB LC Dual Site Quads Quads I & II OPEN
June 28-29 AB LC Single Site EDGE&PALY @Culver
August 8-10 A Max Champs TSM @ USC
Report of Olympic Section Officers:
Program Chair, Junior: Oliver Pena: Present. Second Round: continued
Season II January to March 2004
January 3-4 ABC SC Single Site EDGE @ Culver
January 31-1 ABC SC Dual Site Quad II & IV OPEN

Meet Reports:
TSM BC Short Course Meet: July 27, 2002: 285 swimmers, Splashes 1025, 11 relays. The four
hour rule was met in all session.
Olympic Section A Max Long Course Championships Hosted by IHAC: August 9-11, 2002: No
SFSA ABC Short Course Meet: September 21-22, 2002: 589 swimmers, 2755 splashes, 0 relays. The
four hour rule was met in all sessions.
OASIS ABC Short Course Meet: October 12-13, 2002: 296 entries, very low turn-out meet over by 6
ROSEBOWL ABC Short Course Meet: October 19-20, 2002: 544 entries, received 80 envelopes not
open yet. Afternoon session will not start before 1 p.m.
CANYONS BC Short Course Meet: October 26, 2002: Forms are out. Meet dead line is next week.
DOWNEY ABC All Star Qualifier Short Course Meet: November 2-3, 2002: Forms should be on
web site.
Industry Hills ABC All Star Qualifier Short Course Meet: November 2-3, 2002: Form are out and
on web site.
Report of Olympic Section Officers:
Senior Representative: Rick Shipherd: Not present. Report carried by Don Garman: LSC is putting
together a long course SR Meet in middle of short course season.
Officials Chair: Troy Williams: Present. We had a committee meeting: we need more
communication between Coaches and Officials. The Coaches need more information. Officials need to
self evaluate themselves. This feedback will go to Ted Olivieri. If you have any comments please
contact a member of the Olympic Section Officials Committee with your thoughts and comments. Meet
reports should include the good/bad/ugly in their reports. Stagger warm-ups for swim meet with the 15
& older swimmer and 10 & under. The possibility of injury is there when both warm up in the same
lane. This is problem is now the meet referee problems. We need to come with some ideas of how to
make warn-up safe.
Registration Chair: Kristi Dauser: Not Present. No report
Review Representative: Bettie Williams: Present. 1. Protest against four swimmer entering AB meet,
but not meeting standard. Letter to be sent to swimmers requesting verification of meet(s) where time
were achieved. 2. Protest concerning conduct of official at meet. No action because protest did not
identify official. Protest lacked specifics. Recommend that if a problem occurs concerning an officials
conduct this matter should be directed at meet referee at the meet. 3. Combining sessions at meet due to
low entry numbers. Protest upheld. Team will be required to call swimmers that were not entered in
afternoon session and did not participate to ask if they want refunds. List of swimmers and refunds to be
returned to board. 4. Letter concerning parent¡¦s conduct at meet. Letter will be sent requesting protest
to be sent in correct format for action. 5. Protest questioning check in procedure. Proper procedure was
maintained. Protest denied. 6. Three part protest in one document. „P Questioned procedure when
calling alternate to swim in heats and finals events. Proper procedure was used. Protest denied.
„P Disqualification calls during relay events. Protest denied. Disqualification are judgment calls and not
under the jurisdiction of this body. „P Unprofessional behavior of officials. Protest denied, but all official
are to be reminded that communication with parent, coaches and participants is critical to success of event. Issue concerning number and tone of protest toward officials¡¦ will be addressed at LSC clinic.
Report of Committees:
By Law Committee: Kipp Sandvig: Present. No report.
Report of Committees:
SCS Committees:
Promotion/Publicity: Gyongyver Sovago: Present. No report.
Report of Committees:
Safety: George Young: Present. No report.
Old Business:
SCS Clinic Reports: Michael Schicora Reports: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this year¡¦s SCS Fall Clinic. I truly enjoyed this experience and encourage all to make plans to attend next year clinic. Below you will find a brief overview of this year¡¦s agenda along with some personal observations I made during the clinic. There is a set of handouts that were given out during each of the different talks. If you wish to get a copy of all handout or one that you are missing, please feel free to contact me and I would be glad to get you a copy. Clinic Overview: Friday evening: Reception/clinic check-in. Saturday morning/afternoon: Speakers: Tom Avischious & Kim Homes; Topic: Club Leadership & Business Management School. Observations: This was a great class that should be taken by all club board of directors: Thus was the new updated version that USA Swimming has just come out with. SCS was used as a field test. The class included a small and large group discussion on a wide variety of subjects. I encourage all to look up the following web site: www.boardsource.org. You will find many great books and videos that deal with managing a non-profit organization. This class will eventually become mandatory for ¡§New¡¨ clubs to take before renewing their club charter for the second year. Saturday Evening (Dinner): Speaker Jon Urbancheck . Topic: The College Experience. Sunday Morning: Speakers: Jon Urbancheck, Rich Shipherd, Larry Liebowitz. Topics: Coaching, Keeping Male Athletics in Today¡¦s Sport, Sectional Idea. Observations: Jon spoke at length about his training program at the University of Michigan. In the handout you will find several web sites. You can download the pace charts Jon gives in at www.wolverineswimcamp.com Rick Shiphead presented his ideas on the need to come up with different ideas that will help keep our male athletes in the sport of swimming. A great comment made by Rick was that we all have a tendency to treat our male swimmers the same way we treat our female athletes. Bying doing so we are ¡§turning our boys into ballerinas.¡¨ We need to focus on ¡§making our Men into Warriors.¡¨ If you have any ideas Rick would like you to e-mail him @ rshipherd@msn.con. Larry discussed his thoughts on the dropping of Junior Nationals in favor of the Sectional system, along with an idea of creating a system that would allow a percentage of the top finalist at sectionals to get a birth into Nationals. This is a very interesting idea that should be given some thought. If you would like more information on this idea please contact Larry directly. Tom Mirabella Report on Officials Track: Handouts ¡V In Order: Guidelines to professionalism in Swim Officiating, 10 points of Self Evaluation, Meet Preparation, How do I get to? National Certification Requirements and Application, National Championship Certification Requirements and Application, Introduction to USA Swimming: Officials Swimming Manual, Interpretation made by the USS Rules Committee, Becoming a skilled starter, Stroke and Turn: Most commonly asked questions: USA Swimming: Recommended jurisdiction for Stroke and Turn Judge, USA swimming radio etiquette and usage guidelines. Highlight and personal observations: Minimum number if officials on deck is now five (4) for Short Course and five (5) for Long Course. Relays start jurisdiction is changing effective immediately. If two officials are at one end, instead of two observing eight (8) lanes (dual verification), each official will observe four (4) lanes. This was the source of much heated discussion. A member of the Review Committee ( I apologize that I did not catch his name) reported that the committee is concerned about the number of adversarial-based protests that are currently being filed. A new ¡§Meet Prep Schedule & Procedure¡¨ for 2003 was distributed. If no one on a club attended the Clinic and you are hosting a meet and need one of the handouts, please contact me by phone or Email and I will do my best to provide the necessary numbers of copies. Statement was made that, due to its size, the rest of the Country looks at our LSC differently. No one expounded as to how, nor did anyone ask. I have been thinking about that statement for a week now and have not been able to conclude as to whether this is a good or bad thing.

New Business: Quads for JO¡¦S: Quad I & IV, Quad II & III.
Resolutions and Announcements:
Meeting Adjourned @ 10:20 p.m.
Next Olympic Section Meeting:
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 @ 8:00 p.m.
@ AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room
No meeting in December, 2002!
Upcoming Olympic Section Meetings:
Tuesday, January 14, 2003 @ 8:00 p.m.
@ AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room