2002 August Olympic Section News

Monday, September 23, 2002

2002 August Olympic Section Minutes Meeting of Tuesday, August 13, 2002, at 8 p.m. AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room

       Attending were: Ruth Garrison (Sec/SFSA), Verrel Dieijdonne (STSC), George Young (Chair/SGSG), John Dauser (Sr. Prog/OAS), Nancy Ratcliff (OAS), Kristi Dauser (Reg/OAS), Justin Davis (ROSE), Ellen Whalen (DWNY), Erik Matheson (TSM), Andre Brent (COLA), Mackenzie Hurlston (Ath Rep/PASA), Terry Stoddard (Imm. Past Chair/PASA), Jeff Conwell (Age Group/CANY), Carol Pena (BST), Oliver Pena (Jr. Prog/BST), Tom Mirabella (Treas/BAC), Michael Schicora (BAC), Vladimir Lando (BHST), Kipp Sandvig (Vice Chair/ASC), Troy Williams (Off Chair), Deanne Preyer (ZAP), Patrick Moran (EDGE), Richard Wong (SGVA)

Meeting called to order at 8:13 p.m.

Approval of minutes: Ruth Garrison, Secretary: Present. July minutes were approved and passed.

Report of Olympic Section Officers:
Chairperson: George Young: Present. No LSC Meeting. Team registrations for 2003 are out. All teams are encouraged to fill in and mail their Swim Guide information early.

Vice Chairperson: Kipp Sandvig: Present. No report.
Treasurer: Tom Mirabella: Present. Treasurer’s report approved and passed.

Coaches Representative: Justin Davis: Present. All Star Update: Still working on the All Star Meet. November 2-3, 2002: IHAC and DWNY are the qualifying swim meets for All Star.

Age Group Representative: Jeff Conwell: Present Athletic Representative Deadline: The deadline is August 27, 2002, for mail in and on-line voting.

Athlete Representative: Mackenzie Hurlston: Present. No report.

Program Chair, Senior: John Dauser: Present. Deadline to return bid sheets: August 14, 2002. Bids after August 14 will not be considered during the first round of bidding. September 10, 2002: 1st round of meet host selections (at section meeting). October 8, 2002, remaining (if any) host selections (at section meeting).

Program Chair, Junior: Oliver Pena: Present. Please turn in any bids that you have to Oliver tonight.
Meet Reports:
SGVA AB Long Course Meet July 21-22, 2002: 656 swimmers, 3717 splashes, 0 relays, 19 rejections due to post mark. 4 hr rule met in session one and two. Session three over 1hr 35 minutes, Session four over 1 hr 27 minutes. See Officials Chair Troy Williams for letter on protests filed.
TSM BC Short Course Meet July 27, 2002: No report. 4 hr rule met in both sessions.
Olympic Section A Max Long Course Championship Meet at IHAC August 9-11, 2002: No report.
SFSA ABC Short Course Meet, September 21-22, 2002: Waiting for Sanction number.
OAS ABC Short Course Meet , October 12-13, 2002: Working on form.
ROSE ABC Short Course Meet, October 12-13, 2002: They need a change of weekend due to a football game at the Rose Bowl. Motion for Rosebowl Meet to be changed to October 19-20, 2002. Motion passed. Motion for any upgraded times to be turned into the Administrative Referee and she/he will forward to correct data input person at no charge. Passed.

Senior Representative: Rick Shipherd: Not Present. No report carried. Kevin Clements from IHAC came in 2nd in 200 IM at Nationals.

Officials Chair: Troy Williams: Present. Each Section Official Chair to form his/her own committee. Letter sent to Board of Review on Protest on Violations of Time Standards: The four-hour rule has dictated that we must create special meet formats to insure that those swimmers with a chance to make AA and above times will have a chance to swim. The program chair has developed special time standards meets for those swimmers. They are “last ditch meets”. After reviewing the results of COLA AB Meet, I found meretricious violations of not making the time standards. Based on those results, I gave warning at the July Section meeting that violators would be highlighted on posted meet results and protest filed. I also made this announcement several times during the meet. As a result, 80% of the swimmers who did not achieve “B” times on their second swim scratched the remaining events. This protest is against those that did not and fail to meet the standards. I have reviewed meet results throughout the LSC and found that this is a major violation. We have proof of times meets with penalties that discourage swimmers, we should start enforcing these penalties across the board. Age Group Level is where we are forced to adhere to the four-hour rule and create formats to insure that swimmers have a chance to qualify for championship meets. This protest is a step in that direction. John Kinney (Western Zones Director) addressed this problem at the Cal/Nev Championships (Aug 1-4). He reiterated his concerns at zones on Friday (Aug 9). John stated that swimmers must to held accountable for entry times into a time standard event or meet. He is recommending a $100 fine for each offence, obviously he was very upset at what he had witnessed at the Cal/Nev Meet. I am filing a protest against the following swimmers: Devin Welch (11) AVA 50 free 38.47/100 free 1:25.13/50 back 45.44/100 back 1:36.46/50 breast 51.93/100breast 1:50.82. Laura Kennedy (10) SPPY 50 free 45.27/100 free 1:34.60/50back 50.12/100 back 1:47.67. Haig Atheian (10) PASA 50 free 42.12/100 free 1:33.97/50 back 52.62/100 back 1:50.56/50 breast 1:01.01/ 100 breast 2:05.12/50 fly 48.00/100 fly 1:53.40. Kyra Price (9) ROSE 50 free 42.00/100 free 1:37.50/50 back 52.09/50 breast 57.24/100 breast 2:01.28/50 fly 50.04.

Registration Chair: Kristi Dauser: Present. Just a reminder that all seasonal registrations go out of effect on August 31, 2002. They must register for 2003.

Review Representative: Bettie Williams: Not Present. No report carried.

Report of Committees:
By Law Committee: Kipp Sandvig: Present. Working on updating By-Laws.

Report of SCS Committees:
Promotion/Publicity: Gyongyver Sovago: Not Present. No report carried.


Safety: George Young: Present. Effective July 15, 2002, coaches may submit a current American Red Cross Lifeguard Training card in lieu of a Safety Training for Swim Coaches card to become a USA Swimming coach member. This is a additional route, not a replacement of Safety Training for Swim Coaches.

Old Business:

New Business: Motion for purchase of stamps for administrative referee. Motion not approved. Think about two representatives for the clinic. Put on agenda for next month.

Resolutions and Announcements:
Next Olympic Section Meeting:
Tuesday, September 10, 2002, 8:00 p.m., at AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room

Upcoming Olympic Section Meetings:
Tuesday, October 8, 2002 8:00 p.m., at AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room
Tuesday, November 12, 2002, 8:00 p.m., at AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room

Meeting Adjourned at 9:20 p.m.