2003 May Olympic Section Minutes

Thursday, August 7, 2003

Meeting of Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 8:00 p.m. AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room

       Attending were: Ruth Garrison (Sec/SFSA), Mark Johnson (CERR), Carol Pena (ZAP), Oliver Pena (Pro Sr./ZAP), Kipp Sandvig (Vice Chair/ARSC), Judy Karimen (HOLY), Erik Matheson (TSM), Arbie Brown (OAS), Ron Ross (SCS/LSC), Craig Sandoval (BAC), Ellen Whalen (REG/DWNY), George Young (Chair/SGSG), Andre Brent (COLA), Gran Werterland (ROSE), Dan Kaelon (DWNY), Juny Wook Kim (MEGA), Bettie Williams (REV/SPPY), Chooch Petoscia (STNG), Don Garman (IHAC), Deanne Preyer (Coach Rep/ZAP), Carolyn Warren (CANY), Chuck Warren (CANY), Tom Mirabella (Treas/BAC), Jeff Conwell (Age Group/CANY), Sheri Stoddard (PASA), Troy Williams (Past Chair), Josie Espinoza (COMM), Ernie Jimenez (COMM), Michael Schicora (Pro Jr./BAC), Patrick Moran (EDGE), Nikki Hendricks (BPAC), Gabriel Duran (BPAC), Gyongyver Sovago (SMT), Rick Shepherd (SR Rep/IHAC).

Meeting called to order at 8:12 p.m.

Approval of minutes: Ruth Garrison, Secretary: Minutes were approved and passed.

Report of Olympic Section Officers:
Chairperson: George Young: Present. Swim Guide AD/Corrections: Please note: June 10, 2003, Session meeting is the only meeting in June. July 15, 2003 is the date of the July Meeting. Redistricting: It will be a long process. Lots of discussion going on.
Phillips Petroleum Volunteer Award Winner: Linda Kamps.
New SCS staff member Robin Anderson: Susan has retired.
Fall Clinic/USA Swimming Club Business School: The Fall Clinic has been canceled. We announce the Official Clinic. Each section will host a clinic. It is recommended that each club send a coach and representative to it. November 3-4, November 5-6, November 10-11, and November 12-13 are the dates open to host clinic. Business School Clinic Committee Chairpersons are Sheri Stoddard and Ellen Whalen. We need two three-hour sessions to accommodate 80 people.
Posting Meets: Clubs hosting swim meets need to get their meets ready earlier. We will be having 12 Canadian Swimmers at the IHAC AB Meet, July 19-20, 2003.

Vice Chairperson: Kipp Sandvig: Present. No Report.

Treasurer: Tom Mirabella: Present. Treasurer’s report was approved and passed.

Coaches Representative: Deanne Preyer: Present. All Star Meet Up-date: The All-Star Swim Meet will be at the Cerritos Pool. Putting together an All-Star Committee.

Age Group Representative: Jeff Conwell: Present. Western Zone staff selections: A coach decided not to go, need a replacement.

Athletic Representative: Mackenzie Hurlston: Not present. She has been sick.

Program Chair, Senior: Oliver Pena: Present. Program Report: 1. 2004/2005 Meet Schedule is waiting for May 22 LSC meeting. 2. Cancellation of ABC Short Course meet on February 28-29, 2004, held by Beach Swim Club is open for bids from floor. Motion for Oasis to host February 28-29, 2003, Quad 2-3 ABC Swim Meet. Motion passed. Oasis would like to drop the January 31-February 1 Meet. Open Meets for Bids are the January 31-February 1 ABC Meet. Quads 1&2. January 31-February 1 ABC Meet. Quads 3&4. 3. 2002 AA Max Meet 03/22-24/02 by Rose Bowl over charged Section swimmers $3,220.00. 2002 Swim Guide (page 53, B, 1,a last sentences) Timed finals championship meets: $2.75 for each event. Rose AA Meet entry fee was $3.25 for each event. From meet report 6440 splashes at .50 over charge = $3,220.00. Meet form publisher makes entry fee error $3.25. Program did not catch over charge error when approved meet form for sanction. SCS did not catch over charge error when sanction given. Rose Bowl or administrative referee did not report over charge to Olympic Section after financial report for swim meets completed.

Program Chair, Junior: Michael Schicora: Present. No report.

Meet Reports:
Cerritos ABC Long Course Swim Meet, April 12-13, 2003: 632 swimmers, 3434 splashes, 0 relays. Session one, Session three, and Session four met the 4-hr rule, Session two over by 10 minutes.
Industry Hills Aquatics Club ABC Long Course Swim Meet, April 12-13, 2003; No report. Awards are on the way.
San Gabriel Sea Gulls BC Short Course Meet, May 9-10, 2003; 282 swimmers, 1057 splashes, 7 Relays. 4-hr rule met in all sessions. Reminder for swimmers to enter meet on White entries cards.
City of Los Angeles AB Long Course Swim Meet, May 17-18, 2003; 530 swimmers approximately.
Downey ABC Long Course Swim Meet, June 7-8, 2003; Meet forms are on the web.
San Gabriel Sea Gulls/Monterey Park Manta Rays ABC Long Course Swim Meet, June 7-8, 2003; Meet forms are on the web.

Senior Representative: Rick Shipherd: Present. Branch Allen form due tomorrow. Club Excellent Program deadline is May 30- June 1. Awards well earned programs.

Officials Chair: Mike McMinn: Not Present. List of certified officials as of 4/15/03: If you want a copy call or e-mail George Young.

Registration Chair: Ellen Whalen: Present. USA Swimming Fees update: USA Fees will be $40 plus $1 raise each year. SCS swimming fees for 2004-2007 will be $50. Club charter will be the same. Please clear up your Birth Certificates problems for your list.

Review Representative: Bettie Williams: Present. There was a meeting, Bettie was not present due to Y Nationals and will report on the meeting next month. Troy Williams wants to thank Olympic Section people who came and supported him and Cheri at their hearing.

Report of Committees:
By-Law Committee: Kipp Sandvig: Present. No Report.

SCS Committees:
Promotion/Publicity: Gyongyver Sovago: Present. Information on the Grand Challenge sent to papers.
Safety: George Young: Present. No report.

Old Business: Comments/Questions on letter from Ms. Bettie Williams or Mr. Tom Mirabella: There were comments and questions concerning both letters. There was a discussion between Section and the LSC Chair.

New Business: Twenty Sr. Swimmer from Nebraska want to swim EDGE. Motion that 20 Sr. swimmers from Nebraska be allowed to enter EDGE swim meet as long as Olympic Section are not rejected. Motion Passed.

Resolutions and Announcements:
Next Olympic Section Meeting:
Tuesday, June 10, 2003, at AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room

Upcoming Olympic Section Meetings:
Tuesday, July 15, 2003, at 8:00 p.m. at AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room
Tuesday, August 12, 2003, at 8:00 p.m. at AAF Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Upstairs Meeting Room

Meeting Adjourned at 9:46 p.m.