Open Water Grand Prix Season Begins

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The open water season is upon us! This is the fastest growing sport in the United States and Southern California Swimming is pleased to announce its new Open Water website, and the brand new Open Water Grand Prix Series! Visit the website here: and click on the "Start Registration" button to recieve email news on SCS open water races. You must also register in order to be included in the new Open Water Grand Prix series. Much like NASCAR, points will be awarded throughout the season at approved Open Water races and a Champion will be awarded at Junior Olympics in August. Go to thewebsite and click on Open Water Grand Prix for more details.

Open Water opening weekend is upon us!

May 16 Mission Viejo hosts its 4th Rough Water swim at Salt Creek Beach. Entry info can be found on the open water site or at

May 17 is the Southern California Open Water Cup at Castaic Lake. Visit the open water site for more details or REGISTER NOW:

Season Passes for the Summer Sunset Series at Castaic can be purchased here: This pass comes with a $10.00 discount on the SoCal Cup race!

Cant wait to see you all this summer at the lake and the Beach!