November 2010 Orange Committee Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Minutes of the November 2010 Orange Committee Board Meeting
The November 23, 2010 meeting of the Orange Committee was called to order by the
Chair, Devon Ames, at 8:00 P.M., at the William Woollett, Jr. Aquatics Center,
4601 Walnut Avenue, Irvine, Ca.  In attendance were: Judi Divan, MVN, Sec/
Treasurer; Richard Davis, Officials Rep; Marilyn Bolton, Registration; Lynda
Julson, Review; Devon Ames, STOP, Chair, Kari Johnson, SET; Mark Tierney, ORCA;
Ken Russell, AAA, Vice-Chair; Kim Hoesterey, NOVA, Program; Brooke Wanser,
AZOT; Athlete Rep; Brian Pajer, AZOT; Lisa Empey, COTO; Pat Gillespie, GWSC.

Secretary/Treasurer (Judi Divan): Motion to approve September minutes.  MSP.
No Treasurer's report.

Coach Rep (Bill Voigt): Not present.

Senior Rep (Jeri Marshburn): Not present.

Age Group Rep (Rod Hansen): Not present.

Officials (Richard Davis): There is an officials meeting planned at Dick
Pierson's house.  Several issues will be covered standardizing practices
within the LSC.  Richard will report at the January meeting.

Review (Lynda Julson): A review board meeting is tentatively planned for

Registration/Meet Ops (Marilyn Bolton): No report.

Athlete Rep (Brooke Wanser): The new athlete rep for 2011, Brooke Wanser, from
AZOT was introduced.

Program: Next meeting will be January 26, at 7 P.M.  The following teams need
to be present to plan their meets: Apr  9-10 - GWSC, Apr 16-17 - STOP,
Apr 30-May 2 - MVN.   The committee worked on the JO Max meets; the 10-Un
500 Free will be first on Friday night, followed by the 11-12 500 Free.  The
400 IM will trade places from last year's meet form with the 200 IM.
Discussion was held about eliminating team trophies.  The board will be polled
via email on this matter.

New business:

Discussion of getting results for Team Unify for unattached swimmers.  The
electronic results on the SCS website have already been put into a form that
is required to load into the SWIMS database, and may not fit the individual
team's requirements.  The best thing for each team to do is to see the admin
before leaving the meet and request results for their unattached swimmers.

Discussion of how best to ensure coaches are certified.  Each team is
responsible for ensuring their coaches are certified.   Coaches without
current certifications are an insurance liability and the admin/meet ref
will remove uncertified coaches from deck if certs are not up to date.

Respectfully submitted,
Judi Divan