January 2012 Orange Committee Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 27, 2012

Minutes of the January 2012 Orange Committee Board Meeting

The January 24, 2012, Orange Committee meeting was called to order by the Chair, Devon Ames, at 8:00 PM, at the William Woollett Aquatics Center, Irvine, California. In attendance were: Marilyn Bolton, Registration; Lynda Julson, Review; Rod Snyder, DA; Judi Divan, MVN, Secretary-Treasurer, Richard Davis, Officials Rep; Steve Quan, MVN; Bill Voigt, MVN, Coach Rep; David Prodanovich, FAST; Kari Johnson, SET; Patrick Gillespie, GWSC; Ken Russell, AAA, Vice-Chair; Ken LaMont, NOVA, Senior Rep; Rod Hansen, NOVA; Todd Conrad, COTO, Age Group Rep; Devon Ames, STOP; Chair; Kim Hoesterey, NOVA, Program.

Secretary/Treasurer: No report. There were no minutes from the November, 2011 meeting.

Age Group Rep: Applications for the February SCS Festival meet will be online at the SCS website soon. Please have swimmers apply if they are WAG-level or higher in ability. If coaches are interested in participating, please contact Jeremy Anderson.

Senior Rep: There was discussion at the January Board of Directors on funding for Seniors/Juniors and Open Water.

The direction of the board seems to be to hold LC Senior SCS meets earlier in the season, and more so in the Olympic year.

Coach Rep: Pacific Coast All-Star meet went very well. SCS won handily. It was short course meters, so the swimmers had no clue as to how their times correlated to past performance, but it just meant there was a much greater emphasis on racing.

USA-S has revised its selection procedure for the National Junior Team. It will now be the top 6 times from Olympic Trials (this year), US Open/Senior Nationals, or Junior Championships.

The SCS Diversity committee is planning a Western Zone Diversity Camp with Pacific Swimming... more to come.

Assignments of JAG and Summer JO’s are being finalized...special requests should be made to Stacy Smith (SCS Planning Chair) by February 1.

Teams are asked to submit sanction requests in a more timely fashion. There is consideration being given to imposing fines for late requests. Currently the deadline is 60 days in advance.

Clubs must follow the guidelines for Meet Directors being USA-S members with background check and Athlete Protection certified. Assigning the head coach or other coach as the “Meet Director” on sanction requests will raise red flags. There’s heavy liability if the actual meet director is not certified.

Officials Rep: No report.

Review: There has been no meeting.

Registration/Meet Ops: 2012 Registrations are due. Teams please remember to verify birth certificates.

Athlete Rep: Not present.

Program: The next AdHoc committee meeting will be February 28.

Old Business: Continuation of discussion of combining men and women in events. This is left to the discretion of the host club with review at the AdHoc planning meeting.

There are problems at some meets with having enough timers to cover the distance events. Hosts request that swimmers provide their own timer for a minimum of three heats in distance events unless the timing assigments are covered by the host club. Teams please educate parents that sufficient timers need to be provided for distance swimmers.

New Business: Thanks to ORCA for providing a pool for the SET meet on very short notice.

AAA was saddened to report that one of their long-time coaches, Barbie Regan, had recently passed away.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Judi Divan, Secretary/Treasurer