Sanctioning a Meet for Pacific Section

Friday, April 29, 2005

Guidelines on Sanctioning a Pecific Section Meet

       Pacific Committee Process for Sanctioning Meets

Post meet forms six (6) weeks prior to the mail-in due date for meet entries.

This sanctioning process begins after Team has won the bid to host a Pacific Committee meet.
To have bid and won a meet, Team submits a completed Sanction Application Form (found in the Swim Guide Appendix or on SCS website), a Letter of Intent (provided in bid packet by Program), an Intent to Bid form (provided in bid packet by Program), and a $25.00 sanction fee.

Parties involved in Meet Sanctioning
Five parties are directly involved in the meet sanctioning process: Host Team (Team), Host Administration (Admin), Program Chair (Program), Pacific Committee Chairman (Chair) and the Southern California Swimming staff (SCS).

Each entity must be committed to meeting his/her responsibilities as quickly and efficiently as possible. Quick turnover and good communication skills are essential. Please be sure to do your part, because the results affect the entire Pacific Committee.

The Meet Sanctioning Process
I. Team and Admin decide on meet format, within committee-established guidelines.

II. Admin forwards draft of meet form to Team, Program and Chair for revisions and approval.

III. Once revised and approved by all three aforementioned parties, Admin submits final version [without sanction number] to Program [via email in .pdf format] with cc to Team and Chair.

IV. Program pulls the completed Sanction Application and $25.00 payment that Team submitted at bidding. Program combines that paperwork with the final meet form, verifies accuracy of all documents and mails the package to SCS.

V. As a follow-up, Program then e-mails SCS with a cc to Team, Admin and Chair. In that e-mail, Program notes date of mailing and requests that SCS respond by e-mail with the Sanction number as soon as the application has been processed.

VI. Program allows 48 business hours for the mail to be delivered to SCS's Santa Barbara offices, then allows another 48 for them to process the form. If SCS has not e-mailed a Sanction number by that time, Program contacts them again, via e-mail and phone, to track the progress.

VII. Once the Sanction number is assigned, it is Team's responsibility to upload and post the form (with Sanction number added) to the SCS website and to forward a copy to Chair for distribution. Most Admins will post the form and inform Chair as a service to Team. Regardless, the final responsibility to do so remains with Team, and the delegation of that duty should be clarified in advance between Team and Admin.

VIII. d at the SCS website. Chair distributes, via e-mail attachment, the meet form to Pacific Section and notes that it can also be found.

Sanctioning a Meet for Pacific Section