Pacific Section Quarterly Meeting, April

Friday, May 27, 2005

April Quarterly Minutes


Pacific Section's Quarterly Meeting Minutes for April

       So. Cal Swimming
Pacific Section Quarterly Mtg.

Attendance: Andre Brent, Marselis, Josue - (COLA), Deanne Pryer, Shari - (ZAP), Delphine Yougurtjian - (WVY), Kameron Kenneday - (PALY), Adam Blakis – (WSTA), Jon Carroll – (TSM), Patrick Moran - (EDGE), Adrian Dinis - (PORT), Bettie Williams – (SPPY), Jeff Julian - (ROSE), Najeeb Shamsid-Deen - (WEST), CCY, Federico Ricketts – (SBOS),

Old Business

Food and beverages at quarterly meetings.
- Motion (Patrick): Reimburse up to $50.00 from treasury to the rotating team host for refreshments at our quarterly meetings
- 2nd and passed.

SCS is highly recommending e-entry in ’06. How do we handle this?
- We will encourage the use of Hytek. Free versions are available by visiting
- Najeeb (Westchester Y) suggests actual deadline.
- Bettie is available for tutoring. Shari (ZAP) suggests that if you are going to host a meet, you must have Meet Manager.

All-Star Meet with Metro Section
- Group decided not to pursue All-Star meet with Metro Section in November.
- Committee formed to be headed by Adam (WSTA) and Najeeb (WEST) to explore
All-Star possibilities.

Awards Banquet
We want to make the event as low cost as possible
- Patrick (EDGE) suggests a park. Largest cost would be awards
- Awards would be for speed and character. An awards committee would vote on the awards. The banquet would encompass a year, not just a season.
- Motion (Patrick): Have a banquet
- 2nd and passed.

New Business

Meet Problems
- Section growing, meets are limited.
- Adam (Westside) suggests more meets
- Adrian (Porter) suggests having A min and Amax meets. Also suggests combining parent bodies so that more people are involved in putting on meets.
- WVY asserts that it is not feasible to go to two meets in a month.
- Najeeb suggests combining Ys to host a meet at LMU before JOs
- Bettie proposes 2/3 clubs can have dual/tri meets at any time. The responsibility would fall on the teams to plan meet. She also proposes a meet for Sr. Kids falling just under standard of Janet Evans, Swim Meet of Champions, etc.
- Jon (TSM) suggests distance meet to promote those events for kids who excel at them.
- Motion (Patrick): Complement A meets with BC meets (SC or LC) to shorten LC meets
- 2nd and passed
- Need to fill July 16-17 vacancy. Najeeb volunteers to attempt to get LMU with help from another Y
- May meet = South Bay Orcas “Cinco de Mayo” BC
- June meet = COLA. Bettie has requested that COLA get blocks to double end the meet. COLA also inserts that it may be possible to have the distance events on Friday.

Notes compiled by Jon Carroll (TSM) standing in for Rachel Stratton (TSM), Pacific Committee secretary.