Safe Sport Mandatory Reporting Webinar notes and link to replay

Monday, March 11, 2019

****These are notes from watching the webinar****


“Mandatory Reporting:  The Who, What, When, Where and Why”


The webinar can be viewed:



·         1-800-4-ACHILD

·         Darkness to Light

California Hotlines for Emergency Response Child Abuse Reporting:

·         Los Angeles = 800-540-4000

·         Orange = 800-207-4464

·         Riverside = 800-442-4918

·         San Bernardino = 800-827-8724

·         San Luis Obispo = 800-834-5437

·         Santa Barbara = 800-367-0166

·         Ventura = 805-654-3200

Nevada Hotline:

·      Clark = 702-399-0081

Who is a mandatory reporter?

·         All “Covered Individuals” = all categories of membership in USA Swimming PLUS participating non-members (parent volunteers, etc) and those who “interact regularly and frequently with athletes as a part of their duties.”

Types of Abuse to Report?

·         Physical, Neglect, Emotional, Sexual Abuse

When Should I Report?

·         As soon as possible/right away

Where do I make a Report?




How are Mandatory Reporters protected?

·         Document your report---write everything down, get the Report number, ask for law enforcement badge number of those with whom you speak, etc.

How should I respond to a disclosure of abuse?

·         Stay calm

·         Listen

·         Comfort

·         Don’t criticize

·         Report

How should I NOT respond to a disclosure of abuse?

·         Don’t overreact or make negative statements about the abuser.

·         Don’t interrogate or investigate

·         Don’t make promises –that you will keep the information confidential, or about the future

What do I do if a child is in IMMINENT danger?

·         Call 911

·         De-escalate the situation by stalling or delaying until law enforcement arrives

·         Report

(webinar also includes scenarios for discussion)