Monday, June 3, 2019

MAAPP =  Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

MAAPP is attached, and provided in full at 

(Be sure to read the FAQs on each of the MAAPP categories for additional clarification.)

The US Center for Safe Sport requires every NGB (National Governing Body = USA Swimming) to implement a Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) by June 23, 2019. This Policy addresses risk areas that present opportunities for abuse to occur.     

This Policy applies to:

ü  All USA Swimming non-athlete members and adult athlete members

ü  Participating non-members (Meet marshals, meet computer operators, timers, etc)

ü  LSC and club adult staff and board members, and

ü  Any other adult authorized to have regular contact with or authority over minor athletes (collectively, “Applicable Adult(s))


ü  All USA Swimming Member Clubs and LSCs are required to update their club policies and implement the MAAPP in full. 

ü  The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy must be reviewed and agreed to by all athletes, parents, coaches, and other non-athlete members of member clubs on an annual basis, with such agreement to be retained by the club.  It is recommended that clubs maintain a file (either an online document with the letter sent to members and electronic signatures/”I agree” replies to the MAAPP document) or a thumb drive, to be kept available for verification purposes if requested.  Areas to be addressed in the policy:

Ø One-on-one Interactions

Ø Social Media and Electronic Communications

Ø Travel

Ø Locker Rooms and Changing Areas

Ø Massages and Rubdowns/Athlete Training Modalities

ü  All athletes aged 18 & Over MUST have completed the Athlete Protection Course offered by USA Swimming (Free training at: ---be sure to log in and take courses for USA Swimming members to get credit for the course and to remain an active USA Swimming Member) 

If you have questions about these changes, please contact USA Swimming staff at

Or, SCS Contact: Sheri Stoddard, SCS Safe Sport Representative:

To Find More Detailed Information, Go to 

MAAPP checklist policy faqs 5.21.19