Updated MAAPP info and forms 6.7.19

Friday, June 7, 2019
Dear Coaches,
Please Read the MAAPP News!
There are still a couple weeks left before the June 23rd deadline to implement MAAPP. Your feedback has been heard and much appreciated, and we want to continue to provide resources to assist you in your implementation.
Please take the time to visit www.usaswimming.org/maapp. We continue to add additional resources and update existing resources to assist you in understanding and implementing the policy. The new resource additions this week include short webinars that break down each section of the policy, a protected MAAPP word document that allows you to customize certain parts to reflect your team name and the choice to determine whether to include the recommend. We also added language on the landing page to assist in understanding where MAAPP came from and its purpose. Should you have specific questions please reach out to safesport@usaswimming.org.
Next week, please look for a MAAPP specific email containing updated information and links to resources.
Mini-webinars and forms/templates
USA Swimming SafeSport has posted 7 mini-webinars to assist you in understanding MAAPP. Also you can use the templates and forms to assist you on implementation.
MAAPP Sample forms
•           Language for meets
•           Acknowledgement of Policy
•           Permission for a Licensed Massage Therapist or Other Certified Professional or
Health Care Provider to Treat a Minor Athlete
•           Permission for a Mental Health Care Professional or Health Care Provider to have
One on One Interaction
•           Permission for an Unrelated Adult Athlete to Share the Same Lodging with a Minor
•           Permission for an Unrelated Applicable Adult to Provide Local Transportation to
Minor Athlete
•           Permission for an Unrelated Applicable Adult to Travel to Competition with Minor

Also, if you have someone who thinks they've completed the APT (Athlete Protection Training) course and it isn't showing on their Deck Pass app/membership profile, please have them check the directions on the attachment below.
APT Completion directions