MAAPP/Safe Sport/Op Risk update 7/11/19

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Note: The 18 & Over Athlete Protection Test (APT) whose deadline for completion was extended to July 23, 2019 WILL NOT have further extensions.

As of July 24, 2019 failure to comply and complete this requirement will constitute non compliance with USA Swimming Membership Requirements. APT for 18 & Older USA Swimming Registered Athletes is now considered a component of their membership requirements and failure to complete the APT will result in them being barred from both competition and training.*


*The completion of training as well as the date of completion of training now shows on each teams USA Swimming Registration List which can be found in your team portal on the USA Swimming website.



Note: As presented jointly by Operational Risk and Safe Sport, voted upon and passed at the SCS Board of Directors Meeting on June 19, 2019 the following is an important issue to be observed and addressed at all SCS Competitions.



At all USA Swimming sanctioned events held in Southern California Swimming, any temporary structure cannot be fully enclosed without a minimum 5 foot open entry or clear windows with an accessible 5 foot entry. Temporary structures are tents, canopies and tarps.