NACC 2017 results

Friday, August 11, 2017
In a strong showing including a Futures and Sectionals cuts among the best times and great team spirit, TEAM SCS beat San Diego, but was bested by the Mexican Swimming Federation:

Mexico:  2427.5
Southern California Swimming:  2273.5
San Diego Imperial Swimming:  567

Many thanks go out to Jay Anderson, Head Coach and organizer, along with coaches:  Sean Kakumu, Tyson Ormonde, James Reynolds, Joe Joson, Paulina Saldana, Daniel Roa, Fernando Buenrostro, Tarrik Daou, Nathan Umpornpuckdi. 

TEAM SCS's managerial and officiating crews also did a phenomenal job of keeping everyone organized, fed, and entertained...thanks to:  Jim Gonzales, Greg Wilson, Patty Garcia, Steve Quan, Scot Ranslem, Suzie Sheppard, Mike Sheppard, Paul Szuszkiewicz, Patrick O'Sullivan, John Stipanov, Jeff Conrad and Kent Li.
2017 NACC Results