2017 Movers and Shakers---THANK YOU! 2018: HELP WANTED

Friday, January 5, 2018
It takes a lot of people, working very hard, to run an LSC (Local Swimming Committee) the size of Southern California Swimming!

With over 25,000 in our membership of athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and clubs, we have a lot going on!  There are camps to be run, all-star teams to be selected and travel to compete, meets to be hosted, workshops and banquets and more.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone on the 2017 list attached below.....each of you devoted your time and efforts (sometimes blood, sweat and tears) to make a difference for the swimmers of our LSC last year.  Volunteers don't get told they are appreciated often enough:  YOU ARE AWESOME!

Thank you also to the clubs who encouraged/allowed their members to take time away from their teams to support and serve the activities of the LSC.  Your involvement and support helps make Southern California Swimming better and a more positive experience for all of our members!

As we enter 2018---already underway with our Pacific Coast All-Star team heading to Seattle today (GOOD LUCK, TEAM SCS!), we're always looking for more volunteers.

If you're interested in serving on the Banquet or Fall Clinic/Swimposium Committees, please contact Executive Director Kim O'Shea:  execdirscs@gmail.com  

If you have a background in Finance or Accounting and would like to serve on the Finance Committee, please contact Treasurer Ron Ross:  flipburgers@rdrfoods.onmicrosoft.com   

If you'd like to become an Official (no more bleacher butt---it's far more fun to get involved than to sit in the bleachers!), please contact Officials Chair Ted Olivieri:  trackmdr@aol.com  

Again, THANK YOU to those who've been serving Southern California Swimming, and for anyone looking to get involved, come on in---the water's fine!

2017 Movers & Shakers