Are You an Over-invested Sport Parent? article

Monday, April 15, 2019
Are You an Over-invested Sport Parent?
By Dr. Jim Taylor, Prime Sports, April, 2019
One of your most essential goals as a sport parent in your children’s lives as athletes is to have them gain ownership of their participation. They need to feel that their sport is their thing. But ownership isn’t just something that they can gain on their own. Rather, it is a gift you give them that offers so many wonderful benefits to their development as young athletes and, more importantly, as young people. It is also something that you can take away from them with ease.
Perhaps the greatest obstacle to your children gaining that ownership of their sport occurs when you commandeer that ownership to meet your own needs. There are a variety of red flags that you should look for in yourself and your spouse to judge whether either of you is putting your own needs ahead of those of your children, whether you are stealing your children’s athletic life.
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