2019 Observed League and CIF Times

Thursday, May 2, 2019
If you feel a time is missing from the SWIMS database or if a time is incorrectly attributed, PLEASE have your High School or Club Coach submit a request for the missing time after 5/15/19.

The CIF High School League times are put into SWIMS one manual record at a time...these are not automatically uploaded, unlike USA/SCS meets.

All Observed/Approved CIF High School League meets' results will be worked on over a period of several days to several weeks.

Due to the volume of all those individual swims being plugged into the database, the SCS Office and the SCS Time Coordinator will NOT respond to individual parent or swimmer requests.  Please have your High School or Club coach submit all requests for missing times after 5/15/19.

2019 Observed Sanction Meets List

Mt. SAC Winterfest HS Invitational  3/15/19
South Bay HS Invitational 3/19/19
Mission Viejo HS Invitational 3/23/19
Orange County HS Champs  4/5/19
Mt. SAC Meet of Champions HS Invitational 4/12/19
Bay League  4/23/19
Channel League 4/24/19
Citrus Belt League 4/24/19  
Citrus Coast League  4/23/19
Coastal Canyon League 4/24/19 
Crest View League  4/23/19
Empire League  4/23/19
Foothill League 4/23/19
Freeway League 4/23/19
Gold Coast League 4/24/19
Goldenwest League 4/23/19
Marmonte League 4/2/419
Mission League 4/15/19
Moore League 4/15/19
Mountain League  4/16/19
North Hills League 4/23/19
Ocean League  4/16/19
Pacific League 4/23/19
Pacific Coast League 4/23/19
Pioneer League 4/24/19
Prep League 4/23/19
Rain Cross League 4/24/19
Rio Hondo League 4/24/19
San Joaquin League 4/16/19
Sea View League 4/23/19
605 League 4/16/19
South Coast League 4/22/19
Southwestern League 4/23/19
Sunset Conference (Surf League)  4/23/19
Sunset Conference (Wave league) 4/23/19
Tri Valley League 4/16/19
Trinity League 4/23/19

CIF - Los Angeles City Section  5/1/19
CIF - Southern Section Divisions 1,2,3,4  5/1/19
Nevada Regional 3A   5/1/19
Nevada Regional 4A Desert  5/1/19
Nevada Regional 4A Mountain  5/1/19
SPMS Regional Masters SCY  5/17/19