Western Zone Team athlete applications due 6/28/19

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
A team of 64 swimmers will be selected to represent Southern California Swimming this summer at the Western Zone meet in Mt. Hood, Oregon, August 7-10.

This is the only SCS All-Star team for Summer 2019 (no NACC meet).

To apply, go back to the homepage of www.socalswim.org and click on the SCS All Stars logo in the lower right corner of the homepage.

When the All Star page opens, click on "Sign In" if your swimmer has applied for previous all-star teams, or "Start Registration" if your swimmer has never applied for an all-star team previously.  Follow all prompts/check the forms and complete info as requested.

The team will be selected after the June Age Group (JAG) meets, and announced in early July.

Selection is based on a "Low ball" scoring system for the athlete's best events. A top times report will be generated for all applicants. If an athlete is ranked 1st in 2 events and third in another, he/she would have a score of 1+1+3=5. This athlete would have a low ball score of 5. The five lowest scores in each age group and gender are automatic qualifiers for the team. After that, scores are secondary to the needs of the team. The 6th lowest score and beyond in each age group will be considered by the coaching staff based on the needs of the team in order to fill out the relays and individual events that need to be covered. Times will be used from all Long Course meets from March 1, 2018 through June 17, 2018. Short Course times will NOT be used.

Team members will travel with their families to Mt. Hood (no team transport provided).  A full coaching staff will coordinate all events, relays and team meetings.  A team fee of $100 will cover entry fees, the pre-meet dinner, post-meet dinner and team event, and team apparel.
2019 WZ AG Time Standards