Air Quality Standards reminder, Coach Insurance options

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

One of the most amazing things about our clubs is their perseverance! First, a pandemic and now, air quality. Every team has been tested in so many ways this year.....we know teams have worked so hard to find water, but please stay well!

Here's a quick reminder on policy established last year to keep your team --athletes and coaches---safe in unhealthy conditions:

Action taken by the Executive Committee of the SCS Board of Directors, recommended for approval by the Operational Risk Committee:

Air Quality Standards and Policy for practices and competition, effective immediately:

Review the CDC website with map and standards:

"Moderate" AQI is 51 to 100. Air Quality is acceptable.

"Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" AQI of 101 to 150; general public not likely effected; individuals with health sensitivity are at greater risk. Advised caution.

"Unhealthy" AQI of 151 or higher: competition and practice is stopped. Meet Referees and Coaches must stop all activity. 

If the host Aquatic Facility has their own Air Quality standards those take priority and must be followed, if they are more strict than the above. 


USA Swimming now has Coach Insurance available!

For your coaching staff's wellness, please check out these two webinars from USA Swimming:

Outlining Individual Coach Benefits: