USA Swimming Template Waivers

Monday, June 1, 2020

Posted on , 5/27/2020:

Further to what has been discussed in several calls, we kindly remind you that USA Swimming is not making any recommendations for clubs to practice at this time, nor is USA Swimming in a position to provide specific legal advice for all jurisdictions regarding the use of waivers or disclaimer language. Each jurisdiction requires different verbiage and applies different legal standards regarding legal acceptance. We continue to strive to provide guidance that increases the likelihood that any re-opening related activities are conducted in a safe and legally compliant manner. 

To summarize:

  • If the state/local jurisdiction is saying it is ok to practice, then such action is not specifically excluded under the insurance program. 
  • If the state/local jurisdiction allows the use of waivers and/or disclaimer language to advise the participants of associated risks, then the club may consider using them with the recommendation to run by local legal counsel before implementation.

For your respective reference, we are offering the following waiver language that may be considered if permitted in your jurisdiction. Any draft should first be reviewed by local counsel.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Levine at or 720-201-4685

Sample Liability release/indemnification form
Sample Hold Harmless Waiver