SCS Board Nominations open/due August 31, job descriptions posted

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Dear Fellow Friend of Swimming

watershed  noun: a crucial dividing point, line, or factor: TURNING POINT

All of us are facing unique challenges at this time in our lives, and I don’t have to tell you the sport of competitive swimming is no different. Physical, emotional and even fiscal hurdles are omnipresent, and can at times appear to be daunting. The Sport we all have given much to and have received so much from, is at a watershed moment. The world will change. Swimming will change. How we navigate the months and years ahead will shape the sport, and Southern California Swimming (SCS) LSC for generations to come.

SCS is currently undergoing the process of building a roster of leaders to be a factor in the future of the sport. The next group of volunteers elected as Board of Directors and appointed committee volunteers, will create, enhance and coalesce behind the energy and efforts required to build this sport for future athletes to enjoy and achieve. Now is the time to stop being on the outside and step up and be part of the leadership to move Southern California Swimming into the changing future.

On October 3, 2020, SCS will have its annual House of Delegates, and per our LSC bylaws, this includes elections for the following Board of Directors positions:

         Senior Vice-Chair

         Planning Vice-Chair



         Coach Rep (to be voted on by coaches only)

         Administrative Review Board

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to put forth their creative ideas, time and energy into helping SCS improve as we move into a “new era” of youth sports. Come use your voice in a leadership role and be a part of the team that takes us past this turning point.

Within the next few days you will find the job descriptions and qualifications on the SCS website for each position that is up for election this year. Those interested in any position are asked to send in a resume and a short bio to the Governance/Nominating Committee by Aug 31, 2020. The nominating slate of those who qualify will be posted on the SCS website on Sept 12th.

Resumes and short bios should be emailed to All items received will be distributed to the Governance/Nominating committee to be reviewed for the nominating slate. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the above email address or call me 951-751-1441

Jeri Marshburn - Governance/Nominating Committee Chair 

Phil Yoshida, Judi Divan, Cheryl Pearson, Joan Choi, Chelsea Hong, Mitch Gold, Kevin Larsen, DeAnne Preyer - Governance/Nominating Committee